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A few weeks ago, I attended the African Scholars Forum webinar, where we explored the career opportunities for PhD’s outside the academia.

While I had read so much about this topic in the past, the workshop gave me fresh insights on how PhD holders can blend their academic experiences and skills with industry standards and still perform excellently well. One of the speakers made great emphasis on deliberate mentorship and volunteerism as of one the ways to position oneself for desired opportunities post PhD.

I experimented with the knowledge after the session. I sent an inmail to ten CTO’s of big tech companies for volunteering opportunities. Three replied. Two out of the three promised to get back if there are projects I can work on. One asked me to fix a call next month for mentorship conversations.

While there are many concerns about untrue stories on LinkedIn, I believe you can still use this platform to your advantage if you use it well.

Thanks, Seun Kolade and the African Scholars Forum.

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